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Are you concerned with the age or condition of your wiring?

Maybe you're a landlord who needs an EICR to comply with new legislation in the private rented sector?

An electrical installation condition report may be required by insurers, or even for your own peace of mind.

It's the best way to identify any immediate dangers, 

or ones that could potentially occur.

Fires and electric shock, are often caused by loose connections or poorly installed systems, making a periodic check up, essential.

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We offer commercial and domestic electrical testing throughout Devon and the surrounding counties.

How long does testing and inspection take?

Most domestic electrical testing can be completed within a day.

Some larger systems will naturally take more time and occasionally, planning

You may have other factors to consider before testing begins, such as,

access times, critical circuits, staff or guests.

Please call us  to discuss in more detail, we can then provide an accurate time frame or arrange a site visit.

"We offer you many years of trade experience,

to help on a project, or solve a problem".

What do you look at during an EICR?

Our electricians will perform an in depth assessment of the electrical system, things like.

Earthing and BOnding.

 This provides an essential level of protection to those using your electrical system.

We ensure it's in place where it's required, and of adequate size.



Contact with live parts can be deadly..

Missing covers, broken equipment and poor cable installation all pose a risk.

We ensure basic and fault protection is adequate, and check wet or high risk areas are protected.

Circuit arrangements

This ensures certain circuits have been arranged properly.

We confirm ring mains are continuous and well connected.

Also that cable sizes are adequate for their use.


Accessories and switch gear are inspected for things like, functionality,

, signs of water or corrosion and thermal damage.


An EICR is issued after testing and inspection is complete.

It will either be a satisfactory or unsatisfactory outcome.

A satisfactory result, may often come with some recommendations for improvement.

You're not obliged to carry these out, but they do offer additional safety to the system.

An unsatisfactory result, will often come with a list of items that require immediate or repair or attention!

In rare cases, some circuits may have to be disconnected to ensure the safety of live and property.

If your installation fails it EICR we can offer advice to get you to a satisfactory result.

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